School workshops

I love working with children and I enjoy running workshops in local schools. I believe that creativity is a crucial part in a child/young person's development and I hope to inspire them and educate about the art field of work.

I offer an hour and a half long session which includes a presentation about me and my work and a 'Q&A' session, before doing a sketching activity that experiments with different materials and explores different emotions and feelings. This workshop will allow the pupils to take risks, learn about time-keeping, and letting themselves.
It is also possible to book the presentation and a Q&A session only (without the sketching activity).

Please get in touch for more info via the contact page or email

'Inc a Drinc'

Painting and prosecco nights in my studio which are held
once a month.

Join me for an evening of fun, paint and
prosecco as we create a mountain landscape on a starry night.

We’ll provide you with everything
you need for the workshop - paints, canvas, paintbrushes, apron, easel, plus a
delicious glass of prosecco (or non-alcoholic drink).

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