Welcome to Lisa Eurgain Taylor's Alluring World

Abstract landscapes inspired by the striking mountains of Snowdonia. They are alluring, magical places that allow you to escape to another world.

  • I like to express my feelings on canvas rather than through words. I love this quote by one of my favourite artists - Edward Hopper.

  • I love spending time with my tiny sausage dog, Loti - my little helper!

  • One of my favourite vistas and where Ifs my partner asked me to marry him. We enjoy visiting every now and again to reminisce and to escape the world! I have an outline of this landscape as a tattoo.

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  • 'Paradwys' - Bragdy Mona

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  • 'Gemau' Book Cover by Mared Lewis (Y Lolfa)

  • I'm delighted to collaborate with these companies/individuals. Working with other people is always exciting especially as working alone can be lonely at times. It is also a great opportunity to showcase and stage my work in other ways.